Honorary Members of Kearsarge Fire Department in Erie, PA

On rare occasions, the Kearsarge Fire Department, recognizes an individual whose contribution to our organization is so substantial that our Department is forever impacted and changes. This title is bestowed rather than awarded and is reserved for those select few who have earned the privilege of honorary membership.

Warren Anderson

William Bolash

John Brown

Daniel Burhenn

Jack Christie

Steve Cornelius

Kevin Dunbar

Vance Duncan

Barb Ertl

David Fisher

William Fisher

Doug Ford

Ross Gaerttner, II

Ross Gaerttner, Sr.

Francis Gambatese

Michael Gambatese

Fred Gillespie

Donald Hansen

Mark Kapen

James Kuffer

Armando Leone

Mark Litz

Matthew Lober

Mark Moore

Gerry Penna

Krystal Rainey

Michael Reichert

Warren Robertz

Wesley Rounds

Frank Russo

William Schnaekel

F. Patrick Scully

David Seib

Richard Shade

Sean Simmon

Lisa Smith

Gary Williams

Brenda Wunch

Charles Zukowski

Michael Wunch

Thomas Dolak