Community Outreach Fire Safety Programs in Erie, PA

The Kearsarge Fire Department offers a community outreach programs to help increase awareness of fire safety and prevention as well as get involved with community members of Millcreek and Erie, PA. When our team of volunteer firefighters isn't saving people from fires and providing emergency medical aid, they love to have fun!

A few community outreach services we offer include:

  • Annual open house event with family-fun activities
  • Feature our firetruck at a birthday party
  • Group tours of our fire station (i.e. schools, girl scouts, boy scouts, etc.)
  • Fire safety education

Whether your 7-year-old loves firetrucks and would be more than pleased to have one at their birthday party or you would like to schedule a group tour of our fire station, we always welcome community outreach service requests of all kinds. One of our main goals is to raise awareness about fire prevention and fire safety in the Erie community and there's no better way to do than in an interactive, fun way.

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